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Cascade – Ezra

The Cascade unit has been developed to meet increased client demands within the digital arena.

Enabled for both Flash and HTML5, the Cascade provides rich, interactive content in a consistent advertising platform across multiple devices, maintaining high impact and engagement levels across all devices.

Launched from a high impact universal ad unit, the cascading effect sets it apart from other expandable formats. As users engage with the unit, on click, they can choose to ‘cascade’ downwards to reveal additional panels, scrolling and rotating through the expanded space. As a result, advertisers will achieve a high level of user engagement, whether it’s click, swipe or scroll.

The Cascade unit gives clients the flexibility to choose their content, either using pre-defined panels including a Video Player, Image Gallery, Social Media and RSS Feeds or using each panel as a ‘blank canvas’. There are no set style rules that they must adhere to and there are no limits to the number of panels a Cascade unit may contain (from three upwards).

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