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IAB Filmstrip – Lancome

The IAB Filmstrip is a unique ad placement that allows the creative story-telling through a series of stitched together 300×600 panels (5 panels for a total canvas of 300×3000).


In‐page Display unit delivers with call to action to move Filmstrip down one frame. Filmstrip can move down one subsequent frame one of three ways: 

a. End user interacts with 300×600 area and navigating to another page that serves the same unit 

b. End user uses the scroll wheel on their mouse or horizontal browser bar 

c. End user manually clicks on the next frame button at bottom of 300×600

Creative Features
  • Social media integration
  • Photo gallery
  • Video gallery
  • Live feeds.
  • Polls, Quizzes, Surveys & Data capture

Each panel can be used to let the user interact with your brand without the need to leave the webpage. Show video, animations, polls, a photo gallery, Facebook and twitter feeds. It’s up to you.  

Did your audience make full use of the entire ad? Did they watch the video entirely or did they stop half way? What engaged them to click through to your product page? All those events can be made reportable and are made visible.

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