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Mobile Swell – Nissan

Resizable Ad Unit. The ad expands/grows as it comes to the center of the view, and shrinks as it goes out of view. Easy implementation using a standard inpage banner placement. Combining the ad with our Smart VideoPlayer allows for inline playback on mobile devices.

The SmartVideoPlayer allows for auto-initiated delivery of video across devices to play in-line within your ads.
For example, on desktop environments that supports inline, auto-initiated HTML5 Video playback, it will default to using the standard VideoJS player, whereas, on mobile and tablet devices that do not support inline, auto-initiated HTML5 Video playback (such as iOS and certain Android devices), it will default to delivering a video like experience by using HTML5 Canvas to render frame by frame. This solves a major issue on mobile devices by circumventing the lack of auto initiated inline video playback, and provides a consistent, device and tag agnostic video experience.

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