You can find an example of the Floorad here.

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The Floor Ad format fits the browser’s width; it is anchored at the bottom of the page and follows the user as the page is scrolled or the browser window is resized. The Floor Ad serves as a constant access point for users to engage with the brands. On user interaction, the Floor Ad can expand to a large 1010×262 (or sometimes 100% width) space for brands to unveil anything from videos to interactive games or embedded websites. Advertisers will achieve great brand engagement.

The Floor Ad (Expandable) is displayed at the bottom of the browser window until the user closes the floorad by clicking on the close button. To guarantee sustained visibility the Floor Ad does not scroll with the page, but stays at the bottom position.

Width: 100%
Height: 97px

Width: Depends on publisher.
Height: 262px

Max 2,5 MB total files size. If more is needed let us know.


The documentation for this template can be found here: