Intropage Static





The Intro Page is a full screen ad that’s displayed over the webpage content. It has an interactive area that lets the user slide a bar horizontally in order to reveal an ‘after’ image. It is displayed for 15 seconds and a timer in the upper left corner counts down to zero. After 15 seconds the ad automatically closes.

The user can also opt to close the ad manually by clicking the close button in the upper right corner.

You can find an example of the Intropage Static here.


For the fastest service, we recommend using the templates provided by Adsolutions to create your ad. After receiving the ads, created by the customer using our templates, Adsolutions will return fully functional Ads, in the form of an ad tag, within two (2) working days.

If we receive ads or advertisement material, not created by using our template, or created by using other non Adsolutions software, we will return fully functional Ads, in the form of an ad tag, within five (5) working days.

Creating a completely new ad (template) which needs to be compatible with a provided list of websites, will take us a maximum of 10 working days.

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No template is needed, please provide all material using the following specs:

We need images for all of the following specs:

996 x 560 /
640 x 360 /
300 x 169

Size mobile
320 x 480
768 x 1024

Recommended initial file size
Max 200kb

Loop limit
max 15″

File type:

ClickURL or ClickTracker



Each HTML/JS asset, should be archived as a ZIP file.