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The Shoppable Billboard offers a large 970×250 canvas to communicate with the website’s visitors.
It consists of two sides, left and right.
The left side contains a video player with a custom progressbar. On the progressbar we place dots that correspond to events within the video.

On the right, we have a canvas that allows you to portray any content you like. The content can either correspond to the video directly or add additional information to the video or create interactivity with the user.

We offer a couple of standardized “modules” for the right canvas of the ad and we can of course add any other interactivity if you would like:
– Image gallery
– 360 viewer
– Colorpicker
– Drive to store
– Scratch
– Before After

You can find an example of the Shoppable Billboard here.


Documentation PSD Template


For the fastest service, we recommend using the templates provided by Adsolutions to create your ad. After receiving the ads, created by the customer using our templates, Adsolutions will return fully functional Ads, in the form of an ad tag, within two (2) working days.

If we receive ads or advertisement material, not created by using our template, or created by using other non Adsolutions software, we will return fully functional Ads, in the form of an ad tag, within five (5) working days.

Creating a completely new ad (template) which needs to be compatible with a provided list of websites, will take us a maximum of 10 working days.


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Note: Assets larger than 4mb will be blocked by Chrome if they are not user-initiated.
If you want to use autoplay, make sure your ad (including all other assets) is smaller than 4mb.
Without autoplay, videos can be larger.

970 x 250

Recommended initial file size
Max 5 mb
We will charge an additional fee for files larger than 5 mb hosted by us.

File type:


Recommended video quality
250kbps, 20-30 fps

Recommended Audio Quality:
16bit 44khz stereo

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Each HTML/JS asset, should be archived as a ZIP file.